torsdag 1. mai 2014


Hamonic mail from the last couple of weeks. Nothing special, but decent cards!

tirsdag 29. april 2014

fredag 25. april 2014

Trilogy set updates

Got three new card to the collection, starting to look good now!

Fasth :)

Got some nice cards in the mail over the last week! Very happy with the additions, the collection got some more weight with the black 5/5

torsdag 24. april 2014

Cizikas updates

Nothing special, but the lustrous is good looking! also glad to get the YG to go with exclusive.

torsdag 17. april 2014

13/14 ITG Between The Pipes

I have looked through the checklist from this product. Viktor Fasth has quite a lot of cards in this product!

Here is what I need:

19 Viktor Fasth
BLD-11 Victor Fasth (silver,gold,Limited Silver,Limited Gold)
CC-03 Viktor Fasth (silver, gold)
CJ-16 Viktor Fasth (silver, Gold)
PA-VF Viktor Fasth
MA-VF Viktor Fasth
JP-23 Viktor Fasth
MMJ-VF Viktor Fasth
NP-07 Viktor Fasth
NP-08 Viktor Fasth
NP-09 Viktor Fasth
NP-10 Viktor Fasth
NP-11 Viktor Fasth
A-VF Fasth, Viktor
MMA-VF Viktor Fasth

Happy Hunting to me :)

torsdag 10. april 2014

Panini Playbook

Wantlist for this new release:

123.Rookie - Fasth
First Draft Signatures:
6 John Tavares
Limited Edition
2. John Tavares/99 /25 /5
Signature Booklet
John Tavares + /25 +/10
Social Signature
John Tavares
Base - John Tavares/249 /25 /10 /1
Base - Cizikas/249 /25 /10 /1