onsdag 19. februar 2014

13/14 SPX

So the new SPX is out, there is no Norwegians in this product, meaning that Zuccarello was left out.

Viktor Fasth however have a lot of cards:

  • Autograph Rookie Jersey /499
  • spectrum/30
  • 1996-97 SPx Retro Rookies Autographs
  • Rookie Materials Combos /with Mrazek
  • Rookie MaterialsTriple /with Mrazek & Campell

    An example of the rookie jersey:
 Hamonic and Cizikas is also left out of the mix.
Tavares have some cards of course.
  • Shadow Box Signatures
  • Autographed buyback /91
  • UD ice autographed buyback /11
  • 96/97 retro
The shadowbox looks amazing:
I think I can manage to get all the Fasth cards from this product, but the Tavares cards will be to high end.

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